Why an alarm system is simply not enough – Steps to keep your house secure

Dogs can hear and smell fear well before their owner. I can alert my owner or scare off a would be vandal. However dogs cannot be on duty 24/7.

We at Bulger’s recommend these steps in keeping your house safe, family protected, and your personal belongings from being taken:

First off, making your house less inviting from the street can help deter an intruder. Keep bushes cut back, have lights on or motion sensor lights, and give your house a “someone is home” appearance.

Second, and most important, is to research and invest in high-quality bump-, pick-, and drill-resistant locks. Especially now, with the internet, the knowledge and tools for beating your low-quality locks are available to everyone. Make sure your windows and slider doors are also secure. You should be able to secure the windows in the closed position and the ventilation position during the summer.

Third, an alarm system can act as a deterent, however they only let you know once someone has broken in. Monitoring does not insure a quick police response, but offers a good peace of mind if you are away, and to alert you (and maybe a neighbor) to check the house out and make sure it is secure. The alarm can also limit the amount of time an intruder might want to stay in the house. It could be a difference of 2 minutes with the alarm ringing or 2 hours, while they spend the day going through your stuff.

Finally, having a safe or safe room can dramatically reduce losing irreplaceable items. Only trust commercial type safes with the proper ratings for fire and burglary (The ones you find at other places are not going to hold up when you want them to no matter what they may try and tell you). It is also extremely important to bolt down the safe to assure that the thieves cannot take the whole thing with them.

Remember, thieves want to be in and out as quickly as possible. Many times a thief will see a Medeco deadbolt and head right to the next house. By following these simple steps you can make sure that you are not the next victim of a burglary.

Our experts at Bulger Safe and Lock can help you with your security needs. We are happy to discuss the options and work up a plan to insure your safety and peace of mind.

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