What Door Locks Should I Get

Was watching the Tim McGraw Special last night and happened across a new commercial from Schlage. It shows a guy at the hardware store asking himself the age old question “what door locks should i buy/get?”

He is looking at one and then the hardware store employee recommends the new schlage lock. He has a flashback and decides that he wants a heavier duty lock.

First, the GOOD

It is great that he is “upgrading” his door locks. For whatever reasons you may have, it is always a positive to upgrade your door locks. They wear down over time and it can be one of the best investments you make.

It is also smart that he is listening to advice from a real live person. You can go for a ride on what I like to call the “online carousel” where everyone thinks they know the perfect solution and bash on other people’s ideas. It goes round and round. It’s like a carousel; it goes up and down and around! Asking for advice is good, but it should be the advice of a true professional (read: your local locksmith, not the hardware store guy).


First and foremost–the acting!

Going to a hardware store to buy your locks is not the smartest decision. Hardware store locks are what us locksmiths call a “Grade 3” lock. They are so low quality that we do not even carry them. We stick to what is actually going to hold up when tested (Grade 1 and Grade 2). Hardware stores provide cheaper locks. This goes both ways: They are cheaper in price BECAUSE they are cheaper in quality.

Do yourself a favor and go see a locksmith professional; and I’m not talking about a guy driving around in his unmarked van (he has the same hardware store stuff for more money). No, go and see an actual ma-and-pa, locally-owned locksmith. If you are in the Seattle area, we would love to show you our selection. If you are in another state, check out Yelp or Angie’s List to find a reputable locksmith that will provide you with a high quality lock that will keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. 

Check out our Medeco page to start you in the right direction!

One last GOOD to point out

Buying your locks from an actual store is very big deal. With all of the counterfit products available online in every area of life, you really do not know who you can trust. When it comes to security (whether it be a door lock or a giant safe) do you really want to take the gamble? Buy directly from a reputable locksmith to guarantee that you are buying a genuine lock product that is going to operate the way it is supposed to. Deciding what door locks to buy doesn’t have to be confusing. Come see us today!


Here is the Schlage Commercial in case you missed it:

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