Warm Weather House Protection

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Seattle weather that is finally starting to show! Here at Bulger’s we always have your security in our minds.

As the weather gets nicer, the days get longer, and the sun gets warmer many of us will find ourselves opening windows to get some fresh air. This typically is not a problem; that is until you forget to close it while running your errands. Open windows are too easy of a target for would-be-burglars.

Secure your home!!

It starts with a simple pin lock on your window sill. These can be purchase at our shop in Lake City for under $10 and leave burglars stuck outside the house where they belong. A simple window lock can be all you need to keep people out and your belongings safe.

Medeco Double Sided Deadbolts

Sometimes a simple window lock is enough; if they do end up inside your home, the best way to keep your belongings safe is to make it even more difficult for the burglar to leave. This can be accomplished with Medeco double-sided deadbolts. The look and operate the same as your standard deadbolt with a thumbturn on the inside and a keyhole on the outside; but with one major difference. When you leave your house for a longer period of time, you can easily remove the thumbturn and take it with you. This means that the guy trying to steal your brand new 60 inch LCD TV has no way out of the house. All the doors are locked and your TV is staying in your living room.

This is one of the many benefits of having a Medeco deadbolt on your house. You can learn more about all of our Medeco products by visiting our Seattle shop or reading about it online.


Get out and enjoy this beatiful weather with the peace of mind that your home and valuables are safe and secure. Don’t let your home be the next “easy target” for burglars and thiefs. Give us a call today to discuss protecting your home with one of our expert security consultants.

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