School Security Upgrades Are IN For Summer

Bulger specializes in school door repair, door upgrades, and all around making your school doors safer for your students and faculty.

Best School Door Security

back_door_astragal_2The most effective way to keep your school secure is to not let the bad guys in in the first place. This can be accomplished by adding latch protectors and full-length astragals to all exterior doors. Astragals combined with a high-security or protected keyway are the perfect way to secure your school or church.

School burglaries are on the rise and do not appear to be slowing down. Do not let your school be the next victim. Now that classes are out for summer, this is a great time to upgrade the doors and locks to make your campus more secure.

Bulger provides keys, locks, and door repair services to a majority of the church buildings and school buildings in the Seattle area.

Keyless Entry Options
More and more clients are making the switch to keyless entry. Keyless entry involves using a keycard system or fob system to secure the exterior of the building. By eliminating the use of keys you are greatly increasing the security of the school. The best school security comes from knowing you who came in and when.

Using a Bulger keyless entry system you are able to:

  • Run an audit of each lock (see who came in and when)
  • Control which keycards can be used during which days and which hours
  • Easily remove a fob when staff changes or a fob is misplaced

Keyless entry systems are extremely affordable considering the tremendous additional security your receive with keyless entry.


If you are looking to upgrade your school locks and security in the Seattle, Lake City, Bothell, Greenwood, Green Lake, or any other surround area go with the one’s you trust. Give Bulger a call or email us at

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