Bulger installed mullions (the vertical metal piece between double doors) provide a secure location between the set of side-by-side doors to latch securely and operate independent of one another. Our removable steel mullions are perfect for many situations.

Benefits of a Bulger Mullion

Door operation is independent of one another

When you have a set of double doors–especially side-by-side storefront doors or side-by-side solid doors–there are many applications where you would like both doors to operate independent of one another. The majority of locking options include a permanent post or making one door stationary. Thought a concealed vertical rod may work in some situations, it will not work in all.

An alternative to a concealed vertical rod for securing double (side-by-side) alumnium storefront doors is a removable mullion. Another huge benefit of mullions is the fact they allow for both doors to work independent of one another. With a vertical rod, it leaves one door stationary and the other door free swinging.


There are two big reasons for having side-by-side double doors: easy entry/exit and to move large objects that do not fit through a normal 36″ door opening. Many double doors were installed to make a large enough doorway to get large objects through easily.

Bulger’s installs removable mullions; this means when you have something too large to fit through a single-door opening, you can pull the pins and temporarily remove it.

Compatible with most double-doors (side-by-side doors)

These can be installed to work with all types of doors: metal double doors, steel double doors, wood double doors, storefront double-doors, and more. Bulger’s has installed thousands of mullions on a variety of commercial building types. They are perfect for churches, condos, apartments, schools, and businesses.

Compatible with electronic access systems

Our professionally installed mullions can be wired to work with the majority of our electronic comercial keyless entry, access control, and intercom systems.

Easy to remove, yet still secure

Our mullions can be keyed to protect from unwanted removal or you may choose to simply leave it keyless.

I want one. What is the next step?

These can be customized to fit practically any doorway. Give us a call at 206-363-8797 to discuss your options and get the perfect solution for your business, church, school, or complex.

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