Seattle locksmith Bulger Safe and Lock Medeco systems are the best high security lock system on the market today. Medeco provides bump protection, pick protection, drill protection, and protection against forced entry. Swing by our North Seattle showroom to learn about Medeco. We are located near Shoreline, Kenmore, Bothell, Kirkland.

Choose only the highest quality locks… Choose Medeco

Medeco Residential Deadbolt Medeco Commercial Lock Medeco Commercial Deadbolt

Regardless of what you are trying to lock up, we have a Medeco solution for you. Medeco can be used in deadbolts, door locks, door knobs, levers, mortise locks, exit bars, hockey puck padlocks, standard padlocks, and so much more. If you are attempting to lock something up, give us a call and find out the perfect high security solution for you.

Bulger Safe and Lock has been an authorized Medeco dealer for over 30 years. It started with Medeco Sky, followed by Z3, and are now in the third generation called the Med D system. Medeco D is on year 7 of it’s 21 year patent. Bulger Safe and Lock has its own special Medeco keyway that cannot be duplicated at any other locksmith in the world.

Whether you are looking to secure your business or your home, Medeco is the ideal solution. Securing your home with a residential Medeco deadbolt will provide the upmost security for your family and your home. If you need to beef up security at your business, check out our commercial deadbolt line to secure the door while you are out.

  • Providing over 45 years of unsurpassed quality
  • Patented design that cannot be duplicated
  • Restricted Keyways:
    • Only Bulger Safe & Lock has the key blank
    • Only the people that YOU choose can get keys made
    • You know EXACTLY how many keys are in existence
  • Virtually Bump-Proof (Learn about the dangers of lock bumping)
  • Virtually Pick-Proof (Learn more about lock picking)
  • Drill Resistant

Start protecting your house, complex, or business with a Bulger Medeco system today. Come by our convenient North Seattle storefront to see Medeco in action. We are located south of Shoreline and Kenmore at 115th and and Lake City Way. Do not settle when it comes to your safety, well being, and security. Registration is always free with lock purchase.

Learn more about restricted keyway locks

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