Keyless Entry (Residential)

Residential Keyless Entry

  • As times change people continue to look at more advanced security options for their homes.
    • No more worrying about rekeying your locks if someone loses a key.
    • No more worrying about keys falling into the wrong person’s hands.
    • Bulger Safe & Lock prides itself in providing a wide selection of keyless entry
      options to fit your exact needs. This includes:

      • Residential electronic keypad locks w/ key override
      • Residential electronic deadbolts w/ key over ride
      • Residential manual button deadbolts
      • Commercial grade electronic keypad and lever combo with or without proximity capabilities
      • Proximity locks (key fobs/key card system)
    • If you choose that you want it, most of our keyless entry locks have the ability to:
      • easily add and remove access
      • log user activity:
        • who used the door
        • what time that person used the door
      • set limits for who can use certain doors and limit the use to certain hours of the day
    • Come in or call to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about switching your
      home to a keyless entry system.
Click Here to learn about one of our most popular and reliable push-button keyless entry options.

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