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Visitor access control for residences and offices

intercom5Bulger Safe and Lock installs intercom access control systems throughout the greater Seattle area; Bulger is a one stop shop for intercom/telephone entry as well as access control systems. We do everything: including running wire, installing electric strikes, installing intercom systems with cellular data, and even card reader access control systems.Bulger uses the highest quality intercoms that are built to last. There are cheaper intercoms, but they lack the quality and durability you get with a Bulger commercial intercom. You no longer need a receiver in the units themselves. The intercoms can now wirelessly communicate with tenant cell phones using a cellular data module. This means having the run wire to each unit is a thing of the past.

Oftentimes we are able to install an intercom access control system in place of your existing one and reusing your same electric strike. Don’t have an intercom yet? Perfectly fine. We can install a brand new system in as little as a day.

Intercom systems can be designed to work with fobs or keycards for the tenants to access the building. This allows for easy secured access at any time: day or night.

Bulger also offers a maintenance service plan. This means when you need someone added or deleted: send us a quick email and we will make the changes for you. Your time is important and should be spent on other things. Let us handle the intercom access control maintenance.

We install intercoms everywhere: Intercoms for condos, intercoms for business parks, intercoms for apartment buildings, and so much more.

If you are interested in having an intercom or keyless entry installed at your commercial property in the Seattle area give us a call at 206-363-8797 or email us at

Intercom Systems in Seattle Area

Intercom System Box

Basic systems are programmed from the keypad
Telephpone entry systems provide visitors with a way to look up residents by last name. The visitor can contact the resident on their pre programmed number. When the resident answers they can grant access by pressing the number nine.
Full screen intercom box


Advanced systems have larger displays. They can also be programmed via modem or over the internet. These systems are extremely easy to use. On screen directions and messages make your visitors feel welcome.


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