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Seattle Door Closer specialist. Commercial Grade door closers built to last. Bulger installs door closers on your business, condominium complex, or apartment building.

Commercial Door Closer Installations

Door closers are an essential part of any exterior door. If the door does not close properly, then your business, condo, or apartment are not properly secured. If you door can be left ajar, then you are not properly secured. Without the a working door closer you may be at risk.

We offer a large selection of commercial grade door closers. Door products are not all created equally. We only carry reliable closers that are going to last. Other stores may sell cheap import products; these typically are a one-setting closer, do not have enough power to properly secure the door, and typically end up breaking after minimal use; causing you even more hassle and another chunk of change.

bulger seattle door closerCommercial Grade Closers:

  • Any door type (wood, hollow metal, glass storefront, etc)
  • Heavy Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Light Duty
  • Top Mounted Closers
  • Bottom Mounted Closers
  • International Pivots
  • Surface Mounted
  • In Door
  • Anything you need, Bulger has…
  • Closer hinges

More info about non-Bulger closers:

Although many closers look the same from the outside, do not be fooled by cheap imitators.

  • Many of the door closers you find are:
    • Made of cheap metal
    • Will break after a couple months of use
    • Are not strong enough to fully close your door, which can cause major issues in the future
    • Cannot be customized to properly fit your door
  • Do not fall into the trap of buying an inferior product.
  • Our products are:
    • Made of higher quality parts
    • Will last longer
    • Will be professionally adjusted to close at the perfect speed
    • Available in many styles to fit your needs
  • If you do not need a full door closer, we also have commercial grade door closing door hinges.


Give us a call to set up a closer install for your business that will be done the right way the first time.

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