Custom Astragals – Full Length Latch Guard – Break-in Protection

On many exterior doors, the latch is the most vulnerable part of the lock. On metal door types, the material flexes allowing unwanted forced entry into your building. The best way to secure a door that is being forced open is to protect the latch. Our custom full-length stainless steel astragals are the best solution. We offer astragals for all types of doors no matter if they swing outward or swing inward. The astragals are custom built to fit perfectly on your door. The astragal blocks the gap between the edge of the door and the door jamb; thus eliminating the pry points that criminals target. Give us a call today to discuss upgrading your door security.

  • Keep your business or complex safe with our custom made length astragals
  • Custom made to perfectly fit your business’s particular doors
  • Patented design
  • Prevents intruders from prying doors open and forced entry.
  • Prevents access to the electronic strike.
  • Unique one-of-a-kind design.
  • Can be made for any door:
    • Single Doors
    • Double Doors
    • Wood Doors
    • Metal Doors
    • Outswinging doors
    • Inswinging doors
  • Full-length and short versions available.

Astragals come in all shapes and sizes. Bulger’s stocks several stainless steel astragal latch protectors. The come in a variety and widths and heights for various situations. The stock astragals are a good fit for many situations, but if it is within the budget we highly recommend using one of our custom-made full-length stainless-steel astragals. These astragals are custom made-to-order to fit perfectly to your doors dimensions.

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