Seattle area networking solutions for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, condo complexes, apartment buildings, office buildings, and business parks. We provide camera systems, WAN, remote surveillance and access control, and more.

Seattle Area Networking Specialist

…Now partnered with Cisco

Seattle Networking Solutions - Bulger w/ Cisco

Bulger provides the following network solutions:

– WAN (Wide Area Network) Administration
– Remote Surveillance Administration
– Remote Access Control Administration
– DVR Camera Systems
– CCTV Camera Systems

Bulger started off 2015 with a bang by announcing its partnership with Cisco. Same great service, now exclusively with Cisco networking products.

Bulger Security specializes in networking solutions for Seattle area small-to-medium sized businesses. Commercial building owners, property managers, and small-business owners alike, all turn to Bulger for their security needs.

Whether it is a condo complex, apartment building, business complex, office building or single-business dwelling; we have a security solution for you.

Your business paired with the Cisco Meraki router will provide seamless access to your security systems from anywhere.

If you are looking to expand your business security give us a call or contact us at

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