Latch Guard, Knob Guard, and Lever Guard

At Bulger’s we hear the terms knob guard, lever guard, and latch guard thrown around on the daily. Oftentimes the three get used interchangeably by others, so it can be confusing for you to decide what it is that you need.

Taking the first step to better protect your business is the hardest one. Once you have decided to do it, let us at Bulger Safe and Lock help you figure out what hardware you need.

Today we are going to break down the difference for you and figure out if you need a knob guard, a lever guard, or a latch guard to help prevent future break-ins and help protect the doors and locks on your business or building.

Latch Guard (Latch Protector)

Latch Protector - Latch Guard InstalledSometimes burglars will skip the knob and lever and go right to attacking the latch. The latch is the spring loaded piece that goes from the door into the door jamb. Burglars will do anything in their power to pry at and get the latch to release from the jamb of the door.

Latch guards help protect your latch from a burglars prying tools. When a latch guard is installed over your existing latch, it forces the burglar to pry further away from the latch, oftentimes leaving them locked out (and if you have one installed, caught on camera).

If a latch guard still doesn’t seem to be enough, click here to learn about our custom-made full-length astragals; Custom-made full-length astragals are latch guards that run the entire length of the door. These astragals provide top-of-the-line latch protection and since they are custom made, fit your door like a glove.
Latch Guard and Protector - Lever

Give us or your local licensed locksmith a call to keep thieves and burglars out for good with a latch guard or custom made astragal.

What do I need to install one of these?

A door with a lock on it. Hint: 99.9% of doors fit this description. Latch Guards and Astragals can be used on doors of shapes and sizes. Manipulating the latch is one of the biggest ways a thief breaks into a business.

Click here to learn more about Bulger’s custom full-length stainless steel astragals. 

Knob Guard vs Lever Guard

Now that we have the latch guarded and protected, the thief or burglar could likely move over to the lock itself. If you are having issues with people wrenching or prying your knob/lever to break into your business, this is the perfect solution for you.

Knob Guard

Knob Guard / Knob Protector Knob guards are used to prevent burglars from prying or wrenching on the knob until it falls off. Once a doorknob and the lock inside of it is wrenched off the door, anyone who knows what they are doing can open your door with ease. We want to prevent that. By using a knob guard to cover your existing doorknob, it prevents the burglar any access to the weak spots of the door knob.

Lever Guard

Lever Guard / Lever Protector Lever guards are identical to knob guards except for one main difference: they go over a door lever instead of over a doorknob. The lever must be cut off to fit inside of the lever guard, but it is well worth the added protection. By covering the lever with Bulger Safe and Lock’s lever guard, it prevents easy access to the lever. It is difficult to wrench a lever off if you cannot get to it.

What do I need to install one of these?

A knob or lever guard can be installed over the top of most existing hardware. Since you will lose the ability to turn the knob or lever, the hardware (with a few minor exceptions) must always be what we call a storeroom function; storeroom function means always locked from the outside and always unlocked from the inside. In most applications, this type of lock is typically already installed.

Although we recommend that you have professional locksmith install your guard, it is possible to install them yourself. Bulger Safe and Lock has a template that you can use to drill the holes, but we cannot stress enough the importance of having the guard installed perfectly the first time.

If wrenching and prying is your biggest issue, give us (or if you’re not located in the Seattle area, your local licensed locksmith) a call today to discuss installing a knob or lever guard on your place of business or residence.

If you’re still not sure what you want, feel free to drop by our shop and showroom in north Seattle (Lake City) to see our in-shop displays that allow you to see and feel firsthand what this article covers.


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