Keyless Entry Repair – Alarm Lock, Keri, Linear, and More

Bulger Seattle specializes in keyless entry repair including Alarm Lock (alarmlock), Keri, Linear, S2 and all other Seattle access control system repair and replacement. We always attempt to fix and repair your keyless entry; if it is beyond repair, Bulger stocks replacement parts for all the major keyless entry brands.

Bulger Safe and Lock is your Seattle Keyless Entry repair specialists. If you are having problems with your Alarm Lock, Keri, Linear, S2, and all other keyless entry systems. We specialize in hard-wired and battery-powered access control systems. We always attempt to repair and fix the original components first; if they are beyond replacement, Bulger stocks thousands of parts to replace the same day. No more waiting around for parts to get in while your business sits there unsecured or unuseable.

bulger_keylessStandalone Keyless Entry ✓
Hardwired Keyless Entry ✓
Battery Backups ✓
Power Supplies ✓
Keypads ✓
Card Readers ✓
Replacement Cards ✓
Access Control Programming ✓
Access Control System Preperation ✓
Keyless Entry Repair ✓

Bulger also will assist you in setting up a brand new access control (keyless entry) system for your business or complex. More and more condo complexes, businesses, churches, and schools are making the switch to keyless entry. If it is within your budget keyless entry is an excellent way to prevent unwanted entry into your building. Bulger fob access control systems give you full key control and full access control.

Timed-Access (Only certain people can come in certain doors and certain times) ✓
Audit control (See who came in what door and when) ✓
Weatherproof ✓
Fobs/Cards/Codes or any combination of all three ✓
Keyless access for all budgets ✓
Commercial grade (built to last) ✓

If you are interested in upgrading your Seattle area building to keyless entry or already have an existing access control system give Bulger a call. We have been in the security business for over 50 years. Bulger is your one stop shop for securing your doors with access control systems, astragals, high-security override key options, and more.

We service Seattle, Shoreline, Bothell, Fremont, Ballard, Bellevue, Kirkland, Lynnwood, and more.

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