Full Length Astragals and Other Latch Protectors

Full-length astragals, which is a fancy name for a full length latch protector/latch guard, helps protect your condo complexes exterior entrance doors. These exterior doors are susceptible to an array of different attacks; normally brute force.

On many doors your need extra protection for the latch portion of the door lock. Using brute force, thieves and burglars will force their way into your complex or into the garage. Once inside, it becomes much easier for them to blend in. So how do we keep them out in the first place?

Full-Length Astragals

A full-length astragal is your best solution for securing the front door of your condo complex. A full-length astragal is essentially a long strip metal that is bolted onto the moving part of the door; this metal seals off the gap between the door and the door jamb.

If you are trying to prevent doors from being pried open an astragal would be a the perfect solution for your apartment or condo building. Astragals can be installed on outward-swinging and inward-swinging doors.

How are astragals different than a latch-guard/latch-protector?

Full-length astragals are essentially a latch-guard that spans the entire length of the door. Our astragals can be customized for the perfect fit on any height of door. The astragals are help in place using stainless steel carriage bolts, so that they cannot be unscrewed from the outside.

Why you shouldn’t use your standard universal latch-guard

Using your out of the box latch guard is definitely better than leaving your exterior doors without any additional protection. There are two problems with store bought latch-protectors.

  • Fit–These guards are universal, so there is no customization. This typically leaves your with a gap between the latch guard and the door frame, which in turn leaves room for the burglar to get leverage. A custom full-length astragal eliminates this gap since they are made custom to the door.
  • Length–Since latch-guards are typically only 8-12″ long, it still leaves plenty of places for a burglar to pry your door open; Depending on how much flex your door and jamb have, the 8-12″ may not be enough. A full-length astragal will span the entire length of the door, leaving no place for a burglars crow bar or other pry tool.
  • Durability–Many of the cheaper latch protection options on the market are susceptible to weather; especially living in Seattle, the rain and moisture in the air can cause the guard to rust, which can be detrimental to the integrity of the metal itself.

How do I get one?

If you are in the Seattle area, Bulger Safe and Lock specializes in commercial and condo security. Contact Bulger’s to add a custom full-length astragal to your condo building to help protect your doors from unwanted prying. We also have hinge protection options and knob/lever guards to protect the lock itself.

If you are not in the Seattle area, many reputable locksmiths can install one for your. Reputable locksmiths should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Any reputable locksmith should show up in a marked van and being wearing a uniform. Unfortunately there are many impostors and fakes out there, so use your best judgement.

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