Do’s and Do Not’s of Lock Lubrication

Here are a few simple helpful tips to add to the longevity of your locks.


Use WD-40 as your main lubricant

WD-40 is not a true lubricant. The WD stands for “water displacing” and its true use is as a solvent or rust dissolver. WD-40 will act as a lubricant, but the effect doesn’t last; leaving you with metal rubbing on metal, which will greatly decrease the life of your lock.


Use WD-40 as an initial cleaner

WD-40 works great as a first step to fixing a rusted, dirty, or grimy lock. If your lock is sticking, give it a few blasts of WD-40 and let it sit; repeat this process a few times.
If it still is not working, bring it to us and we will give you our expert opinion on what the next step should be.
If the key seems to be working smoother, use one of the later tips to keep your lock well lubricated.


Use Graphite as a lubricant outdoors.

Graphite was an excellent lubricant for it’s time. I’m sure your grandfather used it for everything and still swears by it. While it does still work, there are FAR better options out there.
Especially in our moisture rich Washington climate, graphite can end up causing more harm then good. When graphite is combined with moisture it creates a thick sludge that can cause your lock to behave erratically.


Lubricate your car locks every time you get your oil changed

As a good rule of thumb, we recommend you lubricate your car locks and hinges every time you get your oil changed. This will greatly increase the life of your locks and your keys. Which will in turn make your life a lot easier!


Come see us at Bulger Safe and Lock to pick up one of our highly recommended lubricants. We carry several brands that fit every lock type and situation. Our knowledgable shop staff is available six days a week with 24 hour emergency service calls.

Many people are just misinformed–misinformed regarding safes, locks, and their own security in general. It is our goal to change that; we want to make you, your family, and your possessions safer.

At Bulger’s we have been helping people with their security needs for over 50 years. Our shop is conveniently located in North Seattle (on Lake City Way); if you cannot make it out to see us give us a call. We provide mobile service to the everywhere in the Greater Seattle area. One of our ten knowledgable service techs can come to your residence or place of business to help with all your security needs. Give us a call today 206.363.8797

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