Where can I get Medeco keys made and what is Medeco?

Bulger specializes in high-security Medeco locks in the Seattle area. We do Seattle Medeco key duplication and Medico system setup. Protected keyways, proprietary keyways, full key control, only locksmith in the Seattle area with the Bulger specific Medeco; this means no one in Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Shoreline, Bothell, or anywhere else can duplicate your Medeco keys. Bulger is the only locksmith with the Bulger Medeco keyway. Online retailers have to share a common keyway meaning unlawful duplicates can easily happen. Prevent that and go to Bulger Safe and Lock in Lake City (North Seattle).

medeco_keys_and_deadbolt_seattleMedeco is a high-security lock and key option. Medeco offers full key protection; Unlike all online retailers, Bulger Safe and Lock has its own Medeco keyway. It is designed to protect the end user from unwanted duplication, lock-picking, lock-bumping, drilling, and other forced entry.

What makes Medeco a “high-security” lock?

High-security means the locks are:

  • Virtually pick-proof
  • Virtually bump-proof
  • Extremely drill resistant
  • Full key protection


The design of the cylinder is high-security with three additional measures of defense compared to a standard lock.

Where can I get my Medeco keys made?
A big portion of the protection you are paying for with high-security locks is the key protection. Since we have our own Medeco keys that are specific to Bulger, you must get your keys made in our shop. It takes time to make these keys, so be sure to order them ahead. Also remember we will check ID; if you cannot prove it is your system, we will not make the key. This is for the end-users protection and is a legal liability for us as a company.
Where is Medeco made?
We are proud to say all parts are made in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Made in America is rare these days especially when it comes to locks and security. It is a sad truth; so it is refreshing to say Medeco is “American Made.” It is a win-win buying Medeco: You are securing your business or home with the best locks on the market AND supporting the local US economy. I couldn’t think of a better win-win scenario.
Why are Medeco locks so expensive?
Expensive is a relative term. They cost more than your home depot special, but the increase in quality and protection FAR EXECEEDS the increase in cost. In security you get what you pay for. The quality and protection goes up exponentially compared to the increase in cost. Medeco is top of the line. We always say “if it is within the budget, there is no better way to go than Medeco.”
What is to stop someone from duplicating my Medeco at another lock place or in some sketchy van?
Other locksmith’s do not have access to our Medeco keyway, so tenant’s/contractors/babysitters, must come to Bulger. We then check ID to make sure the person at the counter is the person on the authorization list. This provides full key protection to you the end-user. Many online Medeco providers are selling used locks and/or locks with a universal Medeco keyway. This eliminates one of the biggest reasons to buy Medeco: The key protection.
What about Abloy?
Abloy is also another fantastic product that Bulger Safe and Lock carries. It is a sister company to the Medeco and in some areas provides a slightly superior product: mainly padlocks and locks that will be subject to saltwater air. They are slightly more limited in finishes and compatibility with certain hardware still. You can click here if you want to read more on Abloy.

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