Buy Your New Safe Locally – Not Online

Best Seattle safe dealer. Seattle licensed safe dealer, Bulger Safe and Lock, stocks many different styles of safes to fit any need. Burglary Rated Safes, Fire Rated Safes, Depository Safes in the Seattle area. Bulger has everything you are looking for for your restaurant, business, condo, apartment, or home.

Restaurants, businesses, condos, apartments, and single-family homes… They all typically have some sort of valuable items that need to be kept safe. You will be glad you purchased your safe from a local safe dealer. There are many things you can buy online: A safe should not be one of them. Buying a safe on the internet may seem like a great deal, but it’s not. Read on to find out why…

Problem #1 – Is the safe real or a counterfeit?

We hear horror stories that all start the same way…

I bought my safe online… it said it had an hour fire rating, it turns out it didn’t and all my belongings are GONE FOREVER. With more and more counterfeit products being sold on the internet every day, you cannot afford to take a gamble. You do not know that the so called “1-hour fire protection” even exists. And after a fire is not the time you want to find out…

I bought my safe online… and I can’t get into it. The dial stopped working… the electronics failed… the darn thing just won’t open… We hear it far too often.

Buy from a local and trusted safe dealer. You know you are getting a 100% authentic warrantied safe that is going to keep your valuables secure, should there ever be an attempted break-in or fire.

Problem #2 – The warranty woes

Speaking of warranties… So you bought the safe online, it works great for two months and the dial stops working… Now what? Do you have to repack the safe up and ship it back? By buying local, if something goes wrong a reputable company will make it right. Bulger Safe and Lock and other dealers will honor the safe manufacturer’s warranty should any problems arise. However, we very rarely see any problems.

Problem #3 – What does it really look like? How big is it really?

Think back to your recent purchases. You look at the stock photo and when the product gets there: “that doesn’t really look like the picture,” or “wow it’s much smaller than it looked,” etc, etc.

It is really hard to get a feel for a safe until you have seen it in person. Depending on fire ratings, burglary ratings, colors, and lock types: the safe you are picturing in your head is probably not what you are going to get. By going to your local safe dealer, you can see you new safe before you buy; you know exactly what you’re getting and one of the staff members will probably even teach you something new about the safe.

Problem #4 – Who knows my combination? 

Didn’t think about that did you?

ONLINE – Who knows?

You just bought a safe online and gave them the address for delivery. Now anyone at that company knows that 12345 Main Street has a shiny new safe for storing expensive things. The safe has been accepted by the moving company and is en-route; the same company who’s thousands of employees now know you have a shiny new safe for storing expensive things. Oh and how many of these people were able to sneak a quick peek at your combination?

BULGER – Who knows?

The knowledgeable and trusted safe specialist whom you have now met face-to-face. An employee of a company who has been in the security and safe business for over 50 years. That’s where it ends. No sketchy factory worker, no delivery company or delivery driver. Just you and the Bulger employee.

The bottom line

Safe’s are one thing that should not be purchased on the internet. Whether it is a fake safe with a bogus fire rating, a crooked employee hidden behind a website, a falsely advertise safe, or a two hundred dollar return shipping charge. Online safe buying is something everyone should involve.

Go see your local safe specialist today. And remember if you are in the Seattle or Puget Sound area, Bulger Safe and Lock is your one-stop-shop for commercial and residential safes and all other security-related services.

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