The Best Standalone Commercial Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry can be broken down into two categories: Mechanical Keyless Entry and Electronic Keyless Entry

Commercial Electronic Keyless Entry

This category is then broken down into two sub-categories: Standalone Commercial Keyless Entry and Hardwired Commercial Keyless Entry. Stay tuned for next week’s article covering the best hardwired systems.

Standalone Commercial Keyless Entry

So you have decided you want keyless entry at your place of business. Whether it is an office building, condo complex, or a brick and mortar shop, keyless entry is an excellent upgrade.

Keyless Entry 3 - with Audit and Time Control

Keyless Entry Version 3 – with audit and time control

Benefits of Electronic Keyless Entry

  • No more pesky keys to worry about, or worse LOSE!
  • If a combination is lost, you can easily remove the lost combination without the need to rekey the entire building
  • Same goes for proximity key cards or prox fobs: fobs/cards can be easily added or removed
  • Many versions come with audit control (this means you can see who came in and what time they entered)
  • Many versions come with time control (this means you can set times for the lock to be always unlocked during the day and always locked at night
  • You can also make it so that codes/cards/fobs only work during certain times or on certain days (eg. Weekdays, every day 9-5, etc.)

Benefits of standalone (no wiring) commercial electronic keyless entry

  • Battery powered
    • Batteries can easily be changed
    • No need for hardwiring (saves on labor charges
  • Ideal for smaller businesses where only a few locks are neeeded

To read more about Standalone Electronic Keyless Entry, view our three information sheets:

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