Our Promise

The Bulger Promise

We promise to provide superior service.
We promise to provide the best quality commercial and residential products at affordable prices.
We promise to greet you with a smile when we show up to the job site or when you visit our showroom.
We promise to treat all clients with the same amount of respect we expect to be treated with.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Bulger Zero Tolerance Policy is in place to protect our clients and our employees from malicious behavior.
It is the policy of Bulger Safe & Lock to ensure and maintain a safe working environment for employees and clients alike.
Our policy is to provide a working environment free from coercion, harassment, and intimidation at all job-sites.
“Job-Site: is defined as::

  • The physical location of the job
  • The parking area
  • The path from the van to the job-site
  • Inside our Seattle showroom
  • The Bulger parking lot and surrounding area
  • Any and all other facilities at which employees are assigned to work

Any violation of this policy should be immediately reported.
Reports can be made directly to the on-site supervisor or Mike Bulger (206-363-8797 or mike@bulgerlock.com).

We have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination or harassment. This is includes, but is not limited to discrimination based on:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Color
    • Ethnicity
    • Physical or Mental Handicap
    • National Origin
    • Religion
    • Veteran Status
    • Marital Status
    • Parental Status
    • Political Ideology
    • Homelessness

This Zero Tolerance Policy extends to our employees, our clients, and anyone associated with the service we are providing.

Bulger Safe and Lock reserves the right to refuse service to any individual in violation of this policy.

Bulger Safe and Lock reserves the right to leave a job-site should they feel threatened for any reason.

Any questions and concerns regarding the Bulger Zero Policy can be directed to Mike Bulger (mike@bulgerlock.com).

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