Abloy Protec2 – Better Than Medeco?

Abloy Protec2 is superior to Medeco in many areas. Both high security locks are available to greater Seattle residents (including Seattle, Lake City, Shoreline, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Shoreline, Kenmore, Bothell, and more). Abloy Protec2 is available exclusively from Seattle Locksmith, Bulger Safe and Lock. Bulger’s carries many high security and restricted keyway locks including Abloy and Medeco.

Medeco has been the staple of high security lock choices for 40+ years, but there is a new kid on the block; Cue the Abloy Protec2. Abloy, the sister company of Medeco, has been putting out locks for many year; until recently it has been inferior to the bump protection, pick protection, and drill protection which Medeco is known for.

Look out Medeco

Instead of making you read through all the technical details from Abloy Protec2’s website, Bulger Safe and Lock presents what you need to know summary:


ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest milestone in
the development of the unique ABLOY® rotating disc cylinder
keying systems that offers several unsurpassed and superior
security features and benefits.

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is a Keying System technology
platform that can be used to create:

  • Master key Systems
  • Key Alike Systems
  • or keyed to a single key.

Extensive master keying capabilities and unsurpassed features and
benefits offered by the rotating disc mechanism ABLOY®
PROTEC2 employs makes it the right choice for building or
infrastructure projects large or small.

Abloy Protec2 - Seattle Locksmith

Abloy Protec2’s virtually pick proof and bump proof Patented Design

ABLOY® PROTEC2 professional high security solutions
are used worldwide in:

  • Government and Institutional
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial plants
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Corporate applications
  • Transportation

Key Features

  • Patented until 2031
  • Virtually pick proof design
  • Fully resistant against bumping
  • Durable design and smooth, reliable operation without pins and
  • Extensive master key capabilities – 1.9 billion theoretical
  • AWS™ Anti Wear System – A patented mechanism in the key
    and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle (no springs means longer lock life)
  • DBS™ Disc Blocking System – Unique disc blocking system,
    DBS™, works using return bars. DBS™ stops any attempt
    to manipulate discs individually in the cylinder by locking the
    discs together as one solid package, thereby eliminating any
    attempts to manipulate or bypass the cylinder
  • Rear Loaded Cylinder – Increases security of cylinder against
    attack (including drilling, forceful entry, and other methods)
  • Key – The ABLOY® PROTEC2 all metal key is
    a symmetrical design offering convenience and ease of use
  • Able to be upgraded to ABLOY® PROTEC2

I’m sold – where can I get Abloy Protec2?

Bulger Safe and Lock is the exclusive ABLOY® PROTEC2 dealer in Seattle, the Greater Puget Sound area, and the entire Northwest. If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in the Abloy, give us a call at 206.363.8797 to set up your building today. Abloy is perfect for business complexes, condo buildings, apartments, office buildings, or even on the front door of your home.

Abloy Protec2 Key - Seattle Locksmith

Abloy Protec2 Key

Abloy comes in many styles of locks and can be used on many others. Including:

  • Padlocks
  • Deadbolts
  • Door Knobs
  • Levers
  • Electronic Locks
  • Keyless Entry override key


To see Abloy Protec2 in action and exactly how it works. Check out this quick minute and a half video:

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